MiniPlan for a Disruptive Laundry Business

To float a disruptive business, either of these two must be done:

  1. Enter the Market First
  2. Create additional value with your brand even if you happen not to enter the market first.

A disruptive idea is one that creates a new market, disrupting existing markets and networks

Let me give you an example. Before now, people used the public transport system to commute to places of work, meet appointments, etc. But the public transport system started failing when danfo drivers started stopping halfway to pick passengers. This made a lot lose their jobs, miss their flights and some serious appointments.

Then came Uber. The idea of Uber is a very disruptive one because it created a new market- those willing to commute from one location to another, making provisions for their comfort and taking them to their destinations much faster than the public transport system.

In this case, Uber may be seen as one of the first brands to enter the market and also as one who created additional value.

They entered the market first because they created a niche and therefore had power over 100% market share for themselves since they directly had no competitor(s) initially. Secondly, they added value because the public transport system had even been running in Lagos even before the Uber Idea was formed. So, they came into the transportation industry and changed the system.

This is how a disruptive business should be and that is why we believe in working on disruptive ideas because they have a higher survival rate.

We recently noted a very rare opportunity in the business of Laundry. We know that this is not a new business because we have thousands of laundry service companies in Nigeria. But what we are proposing or rather, what you will be reading in this plan is something NOT NEW. Yes, I am saying not new because it is being done in the US and some parts of Lagos and Abuja. But with what we have in the plan, you can set something real big and win more market share in the Industry.

This is still a new idea and this would sell ten times the amount the normal laundry business sells.

What we are selling to you is not the IDEA. What we are making available is a mini business plan with about 7 pages that has captured the idea, the SWOT Analysis, Operational Needs, Marketing Roles, Management Staff and a Three-Year Financial Projection of Profit.

This will sell for just N1,650. Ordinarily, we charge N35,000.00 for a comprehensive business plan and as high as N75,000.00-N100,000.00 for business plans with a five year financial projection, STEEPLE or PESTLE Analysis and more.

This mini plan is only been sold at N1,650 because we want to help as many that need this idea get it. Now, what really matters is not just purchasing this.

What actually matters is implementing the plan. Just start somewhere after understanding the idea. If you already run a laundry business, this is fine. Can you adapt this idea to your already existing operations?

If after downloading, you feel you have been cheated, ask for a refund by calling us on 09056289995 and you will be refunded.

Make payment here and download: https://paystack.com/pay/laundry-mini-plan

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