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 6, Babatunde Adeyanju Street, Off Greenlake School, Ashipa Road, Ayobo, Lagos, Nigeria


Frequently Asked Questions

I am not based in Lagos, how can you work for me?

You don’t have to come to Lagos to get our services rendered to you. All you need do, is fill our form, submit and make payment and results will be delivered to you in 5-6 working days.

Instead of making transfer, can I come pay cash at your office?


You can visit us at No. 6 Babatunde Adeyanju Street, Ashipa Road, Ayobo, Lagos and make payment there.

I don’t fancy going with your full package, am I allowed to choose the services I need from your basic, standard and premium plans?

Yes. You can choose what you want and we will offer them to you in best terms.

How long does it take you guys to deliver a fraud analysis and performance appraisal report?

: It takes us 5-10 working days to deliver our report and it is usually delivered to CEOs/MDs of Companies or their representatives.

What areas of tax do your clients consult you on?

We compute and file tax returns for our clients. We are currently focusing on personal income tax.

How do I contact you?

Kindly fill out our contact form, email us, chat us on whatsapp and we will respond almost immediately.

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